About Hokanson


D.E. Hokanson, Inc. (Hokanson) provides noninvasive diagnostic instruments of the highest quality to the medical community - manufacturing instruments with a commitment to excellence in research, materials and workmanship. Hokanson is actively involved in providing technology for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) clinical testing, and has created an easy-to-use Portable ABI Kit (Ankle Brachial Index) for primary care clinicians new to vascular disease. Hokanson also provides instrumentation for both research and clinical application in peripheral vascular disease and aims to improve its products to reflect changing needs and the latest technology. With five patents for innovative technology to improve user experience and for components used in our devices, Hokanson has been both an innovative and reliable resource for the vascular community. 

Founded by D. Eugene Hokanson in 1973, Hokanson originally opened its doors to provide instrument and accessories for vascular research and clinical testing at the Seattle Veterans Affairs Hospital and the University of Washington Medical Center. Hokanson developed instruments using pulse wave and continuous wave Doppler technology, three forms of plethysmography, specialized blood pressure cuffs, and blood pressure cuff inflators in order to facilitate groundbreaking peripheral vascular physiological testing. The primary impetus was atherosclerosis, as well as other diseases and conditions that impeded arterial blood flow and venous return. As vascular disease was more widely studied, Hokanson introduced computerized instrumentation for noninvasive blood flow testing and vascular disease diagnosis in human limbs. 

Hokanson continues its support for the vascular community with in-kind support of research projects with the University of Washington that improve patient care and patient outcomes. Hokanson is proud to be a women-owned small business located in Bellevue, WA, USA. Our instruments and accessories are made in the USA. This website gives a general description of each of our products. For more specific information or for the name of your local Hokanson representative, please contact us directly. 

"We deliver tools to healthcare providers, helping them diagnose and manage their patients' cardiovascular health."

* Exceptional value: Our goal with every instrument is to make it easy to use, accurate and reliable- all at a reasonable price. Your investment in Hokanson equipment will serve you well and maintain its value.

* Ease of operation: Self explanatory buttons control the most important functions of each instrument. We design every instrument to ensure that controls are logical, visible and easy to handle. 

* Accurate results: Hokanson instruments utilize the highest quality components. Each instrument is thoroughly tested for function and accuracy. 

* A history of reliability: Physician have depended on Hokanson instruments since 1973. Today our instruments are at work in over 33 nations.

* Five year warranty: Our quality control program of mechanical and thermal shock testing for all Hokanson instruments helps to prevent many failures and allows us to confidently offer a full five year warranty, the longest in the industry!

Hokanson instruments and accessories carry the CE mark. Hokanson is ISO 13485 certified.©2012 D. E. Hokanson, Inc.